Baby Boy’s Nursery Reveal

Baby Boy turns 3 months on Sunday! Can you believe it? Life around here has changed dramatically. And all for the better. I adore staying at home and playing with him while he squeals with delight. No sound has ever brought such joy to me! 

Before the Little Man arrived, I was naive to think that being a stay-at-home-mom would mean PLENTY of time for blogging and projects. This is not the case. While he sleeps soundly through the night (12 hours!!) he doesn’t nap for more than an hour at a time during the day so getting ANYTHING accomplished is a challenge.

Case in point is the nursery.  It has been at a state of 98% completion since the day before I went into labor. Brian and I had planned on finishing it that weekend, but for obvious reasons that never happened. FINALLY (13 weeks later!) I’ve gotten around to the finishing touches and I’m delighted to be able to share it with you!

 Let’s quickly recall what the nursery (then guest room) looked like before the summer:

Guest Room

This was the mood board I created as inspiration:

Nursery Mood Board| Wife in Progress

We cleared it all out, painted all the doors and trim white and added a rug.

Nursery Progress | Wife in Progress

 Then the real makeover got under way….

I’m going to let the pictures speak for themselves. A full source list is located at the bottom of the post and I’ll be back next week with details on each of the DIY projects.  




Nursery Pegboar

Changing Pad

pegboard baskets

Nursery Lamp

Nursery Prints

nursery mobile

nursery mobile

nursery mobile

nursery mobile

nursery blanket

Crib Bedding

DIY Ikea Hack Shelves baby boy nursery

Nursery Shelf Marquee Letter Baby Boy Nursery

Baby boy nursery rustic industrial shelves

Baby boy nursery rustic industrial shelves

Baby boy nursery silver train

Nursery Ceiling Light

Closet Doors

Nursery Closet Organization

Nursery Closet Organization

Nursery Closet Organization

And that’s it! What do you think? It’s officially my favorite room in the house now. I love how bright and airy it is…and fun :-)

Source List:


DIY Painted Tile Coasters

DIY Painted Tile Coasters

Hey there! Today I’m back with Painted Tile Coasters – a fun craft that makes a great hostess gift or just a fun set of coasters for your own coffee table!

These are so simple to make, you could easily have your kids help or have them make them themselves.

You will need:

painted tiles materials

  • White 4 x 4 ceramic tiles. I picked mine up at Lowes for 16c a piece! (This may also possibly be the CHEAPEST project EVER!)
  • Painters tape
  • Multi-surface acrylic paint ( I love the Americana multi-surface in the satin finish)
  • Small felt pads (or a piece of felt)


  1. Tape off a section. I kept my design geometric, think stripes and diagonals.
  2. Paint the untaped section. Let it dry. Paint as many coats as you need until you achieve the desired coverage. I needed about 3 coats. I painted this section a color called “night sky” on all the tiles. The taped off section was then painted a contrasting color.taped ceramic tile
  3. Once this is dry, remove tape and paint a contrasting color.  I love bright colors against navy so I chose a chartreuse, hot pink, turquoise and chose to leave one tile white.
    The chartreuse apparently photographs bright yellow but it’s really a great green shade and the pink is much more vibrant and neon than pictured, too.DIY painted tile coasters
  4. Add some felt to the bottom or some felt pads to the bottom corners so that the coasters don’t scratch whatever surface they are placed on.
  5. If you’re presenting as a gift just stack ‘em up and wrap some twine around them. 

DIY tile coasters

DIY Painted Tile Coasters

Blog Re-Organization

Hi everyone!

arrowYou’ll now notice that there’s more options on the above navigation panel. I’ve corralled all my DIY projects/tips etc. under the “DIY Project Gallery Tab” while all recipes can now be found in one spot, too. I’ve added a “Room Inspiration” link which will link to mood boards and room updates while “Family” links to all the family, baby, pregnancy posts.

I hope this makes it easier to navigate! If you’ve any comments or are still finding the site navigation tricky, please let me know!

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