Printable Dry Erase Calendar

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Free Printable Dry Erase Calendar | Wife in Progress

Back-to-School means a LOT of printing and laminating for us teachers. Everything needs to be laminated if it’s going to stand a chance of surviving the year: posters, name-tags, calendars, vocabulary cards, homework passes, etc.

If like mine, your school only has one laminator, then you’ll know the moment of sheer panic when it breaks. And it ALWAYS breaks the day before school starts because EVERY teacher in the building is using it.

This year, I’m helping out my teacher friends by sharing a little secret. My secret to stress-free laminating and back-to-school prep.

SSSHHhh come closer and I’ll tell you…

You can buy your own Scotch™ laminator for $20 at Walmart!

REJOICE! HALLELUJAH! I have just saved you from countless meltdowns in the copy room as that one laminator chews up your place-cards for the second time or runs out of laminating sheets just as you have everything ready to feed through. 

Take a deep breath. Relax. You can forego the madness this year.

I’ve got another treat for you too. I’m going to share my Dry Erase Calendar with you. Just print it and laminate it in the comfort of your home or classroom. It’s awesome because like the title suggests, it’s dry erase. I like to use it in conjunction with mini Post-it® notes. I bring sticky notes everywhere with me and write reminders on them, then transfer them to my calendar.

Free Printable Dry Erase Calendar | Wife in Progress

My calendar is hole-punched and popped into my teacher binder. If you use quick-dry markers you can close it up quickly and it won’t smudge. 

Free Printable Dry Erase Calendar | Wife in Progress

Teachers have to be flexible about what they’re teaching. If the class doesn’t “get” something one day, it needs to be retaught the next. This calendar is perfect for this – no more scribbles or strikethroughs when plans change!

The calendar works great as a student or blogger planner, too. Print, laminate and pop it up on a notice board. Decorate it to your heart’s desire using flags, Post-it’s® and washi-tape.

I like to be able to see the entire week at a glance so I laminate the printed pages individually, but you could do them front-to-back if you’d prefer. Then use a three hole punch and put it in a binder.

Download Daily Calendar & Planner (PDF) 


There are many variations you can take on this. How about a homework assignment reminder for the kiddos? Or a chore list? Both would work great laminated and hung up in a kitchen command center. Easy to spot and definitely a great way to help children stay accountable. 

Free Printable Assignment Planner | Wife in Progress

As a teacher, I often make checklists to help students stay organized. These checklists are printed, laminated and then attached to a student’s backpack or hung up somewhere visible like the fridge. Using a dry-erase marker, they can check off each item in the morning or evening. Kids love checking the items off, it keeps them organized and they feel very responsible!

Free Printable Evening Routine Checklist | Wife in Progress

Download Homework Assignment Reminder (Editable)


Download Morning Routine Checklist (PDF – recommended)


Download Morning Routine Checklist (Editable)


Download Evening Routine Checklist (PDF – recommended)


Download Evening Routine Checklist (Editable) 


Free Printable Calendar & Planner | Wife in Progress

Walmart has everything you need for Back-to-School. The Scotch™ Thermal Laminator and Scotch™ Thermal Pouches used in this post are available in the Back-to-School section of your local Walmart. Be sure to grab them before they’re gone!

I’ve shared how I’m using Scotch™ Laminating Products to get ready for Back-to-School! Now it’s your turn! How are YOU getting ready for Back-to-School? 


Pretty Desk Accessories for Back to School

Usually around this time of the year I am gathering my supplies for a new year of school. Back to School is my favorite time of the year (along with the last day of school – ha!). It’s the time of year that, as a teacher, holds so much promise. What will my students be like? What will the parents be like! I’m always so eager and excited that I spend most of August buying supplies (with my own money!!) and making my classroom look welcoming for my incoming kiddos.

This September will be the first time in 5 years that I will not be there to greet the new Fifth Graders. I decided to take another year of maternity leave – a leave of absence, technically – to stay at home with my son. Don’t  get me wrong, I want to stay home for now but I am a little sad nonetheless!

One of my favorite things to shop for is pretty desk accessories and supplies. Even though I won’t have my classroom desk this year, I will be setting up desk in our new apartment for my blogging work! 

Pretty Desk Accessories & Supplies | Wife in Progress |

1 File Folders | 2 Tabletop File | 3 Planner

 4 Stapler | 5 Pencils | 6 Paperclip Bookmarks 

Paper Clips | 8 Notepad | 9 Note Bulb Stickies | 10 Mouse Pad  

Sundried Tomato & Mozzarella Quinoa Salad

Hey there!

Life is about the get real cray-cray around here. If you missed my big news, we’re moving! The packing process has begun and it’s a process all right!

Because we are moving to a rental for the next 10 months or so, half our stuff is going into storage. The new apartment is 1000 sq ft so trying to decide what we should take has been interesting. We won’t be able to step foot into the apartment until September 5th but we need to get most of our other belongings into storage prior to that.

To make my days a little easier, I’ve been batch-making lunches on a Sunday that will feed me for the week. It makes such a difference to my day! Currently, my favorite lunch is this super easy Sundried Tomato & Mozzarella Quinoa Salad. It’s healthy, gluten-free and tastes great both hot or cold.

sundried tomato and mozzarella quinoa salad

1 cup of dry quinoa is A LOT of quinoa once cooked. I can usually get 3 or 4 lunches out of it. I like to cook my quinoa in chicken stock to add some extra flavor. Just follow the packing instructions to cook it.

tomato mozzarella quinoa salad

Once cooked, add some mozzarella balls, a can of sundried tomatoes, fresh or dried basil and pepper to taste.

sundried tomato quinoa salad

Mix it all together and enjoy! 

tomato mozzarella quinoa salad

What are your go-to lunches? Are you a pb&j kind of person, eat salads on the daily or do you like to mix it up? Share all your tips with me on Twitter, Facebook or in the comments!

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