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Revamping the Fireplace – Yay it’s Makeover Time!
My What a Handsome Dresser That is!

He or She? Read on to See!!

I’m currently 22 weeks pregnant and so excited to finally be getting started on the baby’s nursery. I’ve so many fun projects for you to see over the next couple of month.

Firstly, and most importantly, we’ve narrowed down the “pops of color” that we want to add to the nursery. If you remember my original nursery board (before we knew the baby’s gender) it was pretty neutral. I knew that as soon we found out he or she that I would further refine it.

neutral nursery mood board


So…now that we know that Baby Shaughnessy is a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I’ve had to do some rethinking and rejigging of the mood board. But firstly, this is my week 19 pic from right after we found out the baby’s gender:

Week 19 Pregnancy pic


I can’t believe how much I’ve grown in the past month. The bump just came on all of a sudden – all 8lbs of it!

Back to the matter at hand. I now present you with the updated mood board for the nursery:

Baby Boy Nursery | Wife in Progress


As you can see I’ve added a lot of wood tones to break up the neutral. The original elements are still there, I’ve just kind of balanced it out a bit more.  

Apart from the wood accents, there will also be pops of dark blue and mint green courtesy of the bedding, storage baskets and changing pad cover. 

One BIG change that I never mentioned is that we decided to actually do the nursery in our guest room as opposed to the office. The office is a north facing room and gets NO LIGHT which was really bothering me. Also, the only window in that room butts right up against the wall so curtains (If I decide I even want them) would be impossible to hang or I’d have to do that weird one panel thing. 

Now, I’m much happier with the bigger space in the guest room. It has great light and a ton more closet space too. Unfortunately, the hardwood floors in there are in extremely bad shape. Yes, there’s always something that bugs me!! There’s deep scratches, worn patches and dark water damage to contend with.  My little shag rug might end up being a rather large area rug to try to conceal the damage.

Have a great Tuesday! I’m off to supervise the dresser project! 

Revamping the Fireplace – Yay it’s Makeover Time!

Remember waaaaay back when I whitewashed the fireplace and installed peel and stick tile for a fresh makeover? 

DIY white washed fireplace

Well the smoke streaked hearth with the yellow brick has bothered me ever since. The fireplace itself hasn’t been used to burn a fire in decades but that soot would not budge no matter what type of product I used. Not only that, but after more than a year, the peel and stick tiles seemed to be losing their stickiness and were beginning to peel up at the edges and attract all sorts of dirt and lint.  Not quite the look I was going for.

old peel and stick tile

I’ve wanted to replace the red brick tile hiding under those vinyl tiles for quite some time now, so this was of course the perfect opportunity. I’ve also felt a deep need for some dirty demo lately – must be my crazy pregnancy hormones! haha!

Well, turns out that my demo skills are RUBBISH. The tiles were not stuck down with regular tiling mastik but concrete so it required A LOT of effort to knock/pull/smash them out. Lucky for me, I have a handsome, strong hubby to help with these things! 

tile demo

Once all the tiles were removed and cleared out it quickly became obvious that the area being re-tiled was not even remotely level. 

flexible floor patch levelerIn comes this wonder product. It’s flexible floor level that we picked up at Lowes along with all our other supplies for this project. All you do is spread it over the areas (nice and thick!) that you need to level out.

You should check for level while you’re working.  The best part is that once it’s dry (24 hours later) it’s still soft and flexible so you can adjust if need be. It won’t fully harden for a few days.

Now for the fun part: the actual tile. We still have a bunch of porcelain tile left over from our bathroom remodel so that was the obvious choice for this project. It’s such a beautiful tile, I would gladly see it in several areas of my home!  

The tile itself is 12 x 24, which was much too large for this project, so Brian cut it down to plank sized tiles. I wanted three rows of tile (from back to front) so he figured out the correct dimensions by doing some math.  If you are cutting tile down to size, don’t forget to include the space you’ll be leaving for grout. We chose 1/4 inch spacers so we included that measurement for each row.

tile layout


1/4 inch tile spacers

The next step was to stick it all down with tile adhesive.  

set tile

24 hours later, once the adhesive had nicely set, I applied the grout. We chose a light grey to complement the tile.

grouted tile light gray

Once the grout was dry, the haze was wiped off to reveal my beautiful tile once more! 

Dealing with the sooty mess inside the hearth is technically the easiest part. A couple of coats of primer and some white paint and it will be covered. Unfortunately, I ran out of primer after the first coat…so this project is not officially completed yet. Knowing me, it will remain in this unfinished state for some time yet! 

Either way, it’s already a huge transformation and looks so much brighter and cleaner than before (mantel not styled!):

fireplace makeover

You can see where the first coat of primer didn’t cover but it kind of looks rustic and doesn’t bother me. Eventually once I finish the painting it will be opaque white.

fireplace lanterns


fireplace candleholders


fireplace logs in hearth

We are also going to install a raised threshold piece where the tile meets the hardwood. It currently looks a tad unfinished and we think this will be the perfect finishing touch!

fireplace makeover before and after

I’ll be back next week with a nursery update and baby gender reveal! Have a great weekend!

Mini Hall Closet Makeover

Happy Monday! I hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July.  My mom is currently visiting from Ireland so we’ve been busy shopping and sightseeing around Boston. 

Last week we attempted to empty our spare closets so that we can get a start on the baby’s nursery. Emptying everything out was the easy part…figuring out a new home proved more difficult! I knew this signaled a quick closet makeover!

Let me set the scene for you: The hall closet is fully shelved and is home to towels, bed linens and cleaning supplies.  This is where I wanted to move everything. The closet in the office (soon to be nursery) houses brooms, vacuums, etc. These taller items were the tricky ones to move.

hall closet before

Immediately I thought to remove a couple of the lower shelves to fit these items below. No joy there. The bottom of the closet was slightly raised which lost me the extra couple of inches I needed. My solution? Knock out the bottom part of course. 

hallway closet floor before

I assumed the hardwood floor went the whole way into the closet, similar to all the other closets in the house. Mneh, no luck there either!

Determined not to spend a cent on this mini-makeover, I put my thinking cap on. Remember when I put faux hardwood down in the laundry room? I still have a ton of that stuff left! So  I went down to the basement to fetch it and within 10 minutes, I had a brand spanking new floor in the closet!

peel and stick hardwood floor - closet makeover


Not too shabby if I do say so myself.  

hall closet makeover

Brian then created a little shelf in one corner for me and I popped a basket on the floor for bits ‘n’ bobs. 

closet makeover - shelf

Let’s be honest – it’s not some amazingly beautiful transformation. It certainly could still use a lick of paint BUT it’s a functional transformation that I’m very happy with!

Closet makeover before and after

Before and After

Have you made any rooms or closets in your home more functional lately? Share the details in the comments section! 

School’s Out – But I’m Tired & Lazy!

School is out and I’m finally finding time to get back to some DIY projects! While my mind is full of ideas that I want to start on, I keep getting distracted  by the beautiful summer weather. A girl needs to work on her tan, you know!? On top of that, my allergies have been driving me CRAZY so I’ve been generally feeling a bit under the weather and lazy.

I have managed to get some work done, though, including some bit of a start on the baby’s nursery. So far all that I’ve accomplished is to clear out the room but that was a process in itself as we needed to find new homes for many items. More on that later in the week. I’m hoping to get a start on painting the walls next week but I still have not officially picked the color I want. The nursery is north facing and DARK. There’s only one small window. Trying to find a light color that doesn’t look dingy and shadowy is quite the challenge.  

While the makeover on the upstairs bathroom officially stalled we do have a plan to get it back on track. When we discovered that our fancy new wall-mount faucet wouldn’t fit, we had to readjust and come up with a new game plan. And adjust we did. It’s just taking a million times longer to get around to it than anticipated. I plan on having the massive gaping hole in the wall fixed and a new counter top and faucet installed before my mom arrives for a visit on Wednesday.  

hole in the wall

I’ve also been busy brightening up the living room with a fresh coat of paint (Dove White by Valspar – a beautiful warm white) and giving the fireplace another quick makeover.  These living room updates have been great because we used paint and tile that we already had. $0 projects are my favorite.projects.evah! 

whitewashed fireplace makeover


That’s just a little taster for now. I shall be back soon to give more specific details on everything. Right now I”m off to attempt to install dry wall…..wish me luck!!

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