Joy of Joys!

So you know how I haven’t been updating the blog much? And how I mentioned some “health isssues” that I’d been having? Well, there’s an explanation for everything:

baby announcement

Yup! Brian and I are super excited to announce that we’re expecting our first child together!

The level of exhaustion that I’m experiencing has been pretty debilitating so anything blog related has  been put on the back burner for the past couple of months. Standing up all day at work and teaching 23 active kiddos doesn’t help either! It honestly takes all my energy just to get through the school day and feel like I did a half decent job.

 I’m hoping that I’ll start to regain some levels of energy in the next few weeks *fingers crossed*.

I am SUPER excited to start work on the baby’s nursery in the next few weeks. I’ve got some great ideas. Most of which center around these adorable baby animal prints from Sharon Montrose. 

Clearly I’m no expert but at some point I will also share what worked, and didn’t work, when it came to my morning all day sickness. 

Have a great long weekend! I’ll be back soon with a nursery mood board! 

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