My New Furry Friend

Yesterday evening, I found my oven glove (which hangs out in the cabinet underneath the kitchen sink) chewed to pieces. I’m going to go ahead and assume we’ve got a new tenant that is of the squeeky, furry persuasion. Yup, we’ve got a mouse in da house.  So now I’m on  a mission to seal every single possible hole and gap that I can find.

Along with using expandable foam (Dow Great Stuff Gaps and Cracks Insulating Foam Sealant) I stuffed each gap with steel wool. This ensures that my little friend won’t be able to chew right through the foam.  UGHHH even thinking about the fact that I had a rodent in my kitchen absolutely grosses me out.  Hopefully this will put an end to the mouse/mice….BUT in the mean time I am going to enter every room very loudly (read:  exaggerated loud footsteps) and bang some pots and pans, just to make sure they are scared off!

On the home improvement side of things, I’ve got a million ideas mulling around in my head.  This weekend I am hoping to begin to re-tile the area in front of my fireplace (or at least sledgehammer up the old tile) or start an easy peasy kitchen back splash project (I can’t wait to show you the  beautiful tile I found!!). I’m also waiting for better weather so that I can use my Home Right paint gun to spray every single door in my house white. Bubye stain! I’m soooo excited!! Of course, these are the times when my DIY ADD really kicks in. I’m sure I’ll start all 3 projects and then end up taking another year to finish them!

Here’s to hoping I can start a project and finish it this month :-)

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